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Innovation Methods of Teaching

School Portal

Private portal teaching environment allow teacher to observe each child’s learning style and create the best learning environment for the entire classroom.

Activities and Resources

EducationalStage provides broad range of learning tools and activities that’s unique in itself, providing unique learning styles to turn educational process to the next level.

Interactive Learning

Children are exposed to information and communication technology (Computers, Phones, and Tablets) from an early age. This Interactive Learning facility enables teachers to create a sense of interest in students as they see, interact, and learn.

Community Portal

EducationalStage community portal provides schools curriculum books teaching courses and skills courses to encourage students to discover and develop their talents.

Education Video Library

Since children loves cartoon shows, Education Animated videos are presented to grab the attention of students and to make difficult information lesson easier to understand.

Gamification in Learning

The gamification in learning enhance the learning experience by providing the students with a sense of achievements. The participation and competition increases by motivating students to get promoted to next the level.

Summer CoursesSkills courses is an integral part of the curriculum. We have well built courses where students are encouraged to discover and develop their talents. Skills CoursesLet the beauty of what you love be what you do. To uncover a new passion or learn skills that just may change your life.Tutorial CoursesTake great tutorials and courses from the best educators. We believe in offering the highest quality courses, created by schools’ teachers and partners who share commitments to excellence in teaching.

Online Courses

Our online courses  enhance the learning experience and Build a community of learners. We offer a wide variety of courses whether to develop professional skills or discover a new hobby. 

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